Club Rules

  • Upon receipt of subscription, members will be issued with the current code for the code lock on the pavilion door and the padlock to the tennis courts
  • All members are asked to ensure that everything is left locked and secure if they leave the premises when there are no other members left.
  • The tennis courts should be approached (if in a car),by driving on the tarmac road to the cricket pavilion and continuing behind the pavilion to our parking area. Please drive carefully; the speed limit is 10mph.This speed limit applies also to visitors.
  • For your safety on court, please wear only proper tennis shoes. This will reduce the risk of slips and trips whilst playing. Anyone wearing trainers or other unsuitable shoes will be asked stop playing as court damage may result.
  • In club sessions,short sets ,that is, first to six with a sudden death deuce, should be played when there are others waiting; players must give way at the end of their current set or after 30 minutes whichever is earlier. In club sessions there are no rules at to whether men’s, ladies’s or mixed sets should be played,but people should be consulted and those who have waited the longest should be next on court. Common sense and common courtesy should be applied.
  • Members can book a court(both courts are available for booking) for a maximum of two hours up to seven days in advance by registering with Clubspark. A member may book only one court at a time, that is, he/she cannot book both courts to be used on the same occasion.. The courts cannot be booked when they are required for any organised club event such as matches,club sessions, coaching; these events will be shown on Clubspark. Whilst every effortis made to ensure that the online diary is up to date with club events, priority will still be given to these if they have been omitted by oversight.
  • A reasonable standard of dress and behaviour is expected of all members and visitors.
  • To be eligible to play in league matches, a member must have paid his/her subscription. There is a grace period of two weeks after the AGM has taken place. Beyond this point, players will no longer be considered for selection untill their annual subscription has been paid.
  • The floodlights are available for use by all members. They operate with special tokens which can be purchased from Terry Parke(01386 700301) Each token costs £2.50 and will provide light for 15 minutes.
  • A member may introduce a guest to the club at any time. A guest may visit a maximum of three times per year on payment of the current guest fee of £2.50 per visit.
  • All members should familiarise themselves with the Fire Action Notice displayed on the main club notice board.
    There is a fridge in the club house for use by members. After you use the fridge please ensure that the fridge door is left closed. There have been incidents when the door has been left open, the fridge has defrosted and the club floor flooded.
  • For health and safety reasons, this club has a zero tolerance policy towards dogs within the vicinity of the tennis courts and in the club house.
  • As there is no refuse collection from the club, all members are asked to take their rubbish home. Remains of food and drink left in the club house and/or the bin attract mice.
  • The courts are available to non members on a “Pay and Play” basis. There is a fee of £20 for the first hour and £10 for the each subsequent hour.